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Environmental safety system

Environmental Safety Vision

O-Sung Machinery Industries makes efforts to contribute to the green earth environment conservation for the rich and beautiful lives of all humans, based on corporate management activities contributing to human safety and a clean environment. Environmental safety is a unique value of corporate management and so we wish to be the best green company in the 21st century, actively reflecting it in our overall management activities. To this end, all our employees share the company’s environmental safety vision and values, and participate in the environmental safety campaign of the green earth, with an active attitude to practice it within all work areas.

  • Production of zero-defective products
  • Publishing environmental safety newsletter
  • Actualization of green workplace
  • Realization of work safety
  • Contribution to green energy creation through new technologies
  • Partnership type

Objectives of Environmental Safety Management

  • Perform business activities, preventing environmental destruction and protecting employee safety.

  • Consolidate corporate competitiveness by maximizing environmental and safety efficiency.

  • Identify harmful factors to the environment and employees and work to immediately improve them.

Environmental Safety activity

  • Elimination of the causes of environmental pollution

  • Removal of the causes of accident

  • Active reflection on matters of environmental and safety improvement

Pleasant and safe environment

Quality of life improvement